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Docthor Foundation


The foundation is to be established.


Support is essential, so thank you for your interest.

The first donators can be the formal founders, if they like, or stay unnamed.


Please contact me:   foundation(at)



When you donate and like a tax deductible form, in most countries

outside Germany (where the foundation is located) there should be

this way possible:


You donate to a similar foundation in your country with the order

to forward the amount to Docthor Foundation.

As foundations usually are allowed to support foundations,

also in other countries.



Out of the charter:


The activity of the corporation focusses on these areas:


   ·     Item 1 – Advancement of science and research

   ·     Item 3 – Advancement of public health service and health care

   ·     Item 7 – Advancement of national education and occupational training



About me:


Dedicated to healing and solutions for the world.

PhD in applied physics. I developed lasers for medical applications.

Medical and psychological healing practitioner (German state license).

CBT - certified bioenergetic therapist (4 years of further education).

Bioenergetic analysis and therapy is body-integrated psychology.

Founded by Prof. Alexander Lowen, New York and Zurich.